If you are distressed, depressed, unhappy, anxious or afraid, perhaps I can help.

We all experience stresses and strains in the course of everyday living, and most of the time, one way or another, we cope. But there are times when troubles seem overwhelming, and at such times talking to a professional therapist can be the best solution. With over thirty years experience I offer the following services both online and in person:

For those who have hit a tricky patch in an otherwise satisfying life, counselling focuses primarily on current difficulties and the strengths and strategies we have to overcome them.

For others, whose problems are more deep-seated, complex or enduring, psychotherapy offers longer term support and typically involves looking into childhood and personal history, exploring the unconscious using methods such as active imagination, dreamwork and focusing.

Hypnotherapy brings about swift beneficial changes using suggestions that are tailor-made to individual need and employing the latest hypnotic techniques.

Transpersonal psychotherapy recognises the spiritual dimension of our lives and is concerned not only with the ‘breakdown and repair’ of ordinary functioning but with our potential for transcendence.

To make an appointment, or for enquiries, contact me at: email: didodenman@live.co.uk  tel: 07534 065081

In person appointments available in Thatcham. Online appointments from anywhere.


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