Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Transpersonal psychotherapy emphasises the spiritual, transcendent aspect of our lives and is concerned not only with restoring healthy functioning to the ego, but with moving beyond the ego to explore the full potential of the human condition.

The transpersonal approach sets developments in modern psychology alongside the wisdom of the world’s spiritual traditions, cultivated over thousands of years. Creativity, peak experiences, psychic and mystical events are seen as a natural part of our self-development to be integrated into our everyday lives.

In effect, we aim to create a bridge between the little ‘self’ of our everyday lives, and the inner ‘Self’ that is eternal and resides at the core of our being. It is an extraordinarily powerful experience, and one which is often accompanied by joy and laughter. This can be a surprise for clients who come with pain and fear and are expecting, at best, relief from suffering.